Why Your Achilles Aches

The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex hosts adult soccer leagues for men and women, including adult co-ed leagues. This is a great way to be active, have fun with friends, and relieve stress after a long week. Those who play soccer on the weekends will benefit from jogging or running during the week—not only in the games, but also by contributing to their own injury prevention.

There are various common conditions that we treat here at Southern Tier Podiatry, including patients who come in with an aching Achilles tendon. Many of these individuals are “weekend warriors,” men and women who participate in athletic competition on the weekends—like soccer games at The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex—but lead otherwise sedentary lives.

Aching in the lower back of the calf and upper heel is often an indication of Achilles tendinitis. This common overuse injury is caused by either intense strain or repetitive stress on the tendon. Given that the Achilles is used whenever someone walks, runs, or jumps, it is easy to see how this condition affects so many people.

Contributing to its prevalence is the fact that the Achilles tends to weaken with age, thereby making it more susceptible to injuries like this. People who are most at risk for Achilles tendinitis include middle-aged men, but it can affect individuals of other demographics as well.

The best ways to prevent this common source of ankle pain is to ease into new physical activities gradually, stretch daily, strengthen the calf muscles, wear the right shoes, and sub out some high-impact activities in your exercise program with low-impact ones (biking, swimming). For specific tips and advice, be sure to check with our office.

Suffering from an aching Achilles tendon? Then it’s time to get the treatment you need from Southern Tier Podiatry! We are committed to providing first-class podiatric services for our patients from the local communities here in Broome County, so contact us today. You can reach our Vestal, NY office by calling (607) 217-5668, or feel free to schedule your appointment online now.

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