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Toe Deformity FAQ's


Could Shoes be Causing my Bunions?

The medical community has not reached a clear consensus with regard to determining if bunions are actually caused by shoe choices or not, but it is reasonable to say that footwear can at least contribute to the common toe deformity. Shoes with narrow toe boxes and high heels—like pumps and stilettos—place excessive pressure on the front of the foot, particularly in the area where the big toe connects. This pressure can certainly exacerbate an existing structural issue and aid in the development of a bunion.

While your choice of shoe may or may not play a role in the actual development of the deformity, there are inherited, genetic factors that can definitely predispose feet to these protrusions. This is especially true in cases where structure and/or abnormal gait result in uneven pressure on foot tendons and joints.

No matter what is causing that bump on your foot, our professionals here at Southern Tier Podiatry are ready to help you find relief from painful symptoms. Our Greater Binghamton foot doctor office can treatment a wide array of foot and ankle conditions, so contact us today. Give us a call at (607) 217-5668 for more information or simply schedule your appointment online.


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