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Pediatric FAQs


How Can I Best Treat my Child’s Ingrown Toenails?

Some foot and ankle conditions are more likely to be found in particular demographics, but ingrown toenails are experienced by individuals of all ages. Fortunately, ingrown toenail treatment is often conservative in nature and something a parent can perform for a child.

To treat a child’s ingrown nail, start by soaking the affected foot for about 10-15 minutes to soften the nail tissue. Following this, gently lift the edge that has become ingrown and place a bit of waxed dental floss underneath to prevent the nail from growing back into the skin.

In cases where home care is not enough, your son or daughter will probably need professional treatment. This typically applies to cases where severe pain is present or the same nail repeatedly becomes ingrown. At this point, we may need to remove the problem nail or the portion of it that is causing an issue.

Contact our professionals at Southern Tier Podiatry to learn more about child toenail care or to receive specialized foot care for you or your loved ones. Call our Vestal, NY podiatrist office at (607) 217-5668 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

What Should I Look for in Children’s Shoes?

Parents want to ensure that their children are safe and healthy. When it comes to foot care, this means making sure that your young (or not-so-young!) ones have the proper children’s shoes.

When trying to find the best shoes for your children, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Kids’ footwear that is worn regularly should not be backless or slip-on models. Make sure they have Velcro, laces, or any other fastening system.
  • Find shoes made from breathable materials.
  • Do not purchase shoes with high heels for your child.
  • Pick out styles that feature textured or patterned soles to prevent falling on slippery surfaces (especially for winter boots).
  • Footwear should be both flexible (able to bend with the foot) and sturdy (for protection).

Hopefully these guidelines help as you look for children’s shoes that work best for your son or daughter, but we can provide further assistance if you need it.

Southern Tier Podiatry is the preferred source for child foot care in the Broome County, NY community, so contact us today. Either schedule your appointment with our Greater Binghamton area podiatry office online or call our professionals at (607) 217-5668 for more information.


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