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We get it; the holidays can be stressful. With more events in a month than you have the rest of the year, sometimes everything that can go wrong, does. Don’t let all the bustle of shopping bring you foot pain. Let us help you with a gift idea too – a homemade foot scrub!

You might be surprised by how many foot conditions are actually hereditary – and how at-home self-foot exams can help! We’ve also included a delicious peanut butter bar recipe, because, why not?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: prevention is better, easier and cheaper than a cure. Also in this newsletter, safe Halloween habits and black toenails.

No one likes being injured – or watching your children have to sit on the bench. Here’s how to not let it happen in the first place. We also have tips on fitness at work and listening to your body for signs about your health.

Is there really such a thing as growing pains? We let you know. Also included, ways to pamper your feet, hold a successful school fundraiser, hot yoga and not bunions – but bunionettes.

What does your footprint say about you? We’ll let you know. On top of that, we have healthy summer snack ideas, water exercises, and even a little info on how to get back your nap time.

April showers bring May… fungus?  No, it doesn’t have to.We also have pampering tricks, broken toe tricks, exercises and more!


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