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Why Gout Happens

This is not likely a shocking revelation, but dietary choices play a big role in physical health. Eating the right foods can help you to shed weight, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and even build up muscles and strengthen your bones. Generally speaking, you can achieve these benefits by giving thought and consideration to what you eat. In a very similar way, you can prevent and manage gout through your diet. Understanding why gout happens will help this make sense!

Whereas there is a common misconception centered on the belief arthritis is a single condition, the Arthritis Foundation actually recognizes over 100 different types of arthritis, including gout. Whereas osteoarthritis is the common “wear and tear” variety and rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, gout is a form of arthritis caused and affected by dietary choices. The reason behind this has to do with a natural byproduct known as uric acid.

When the body breaks down food, uric acid is produced. This is completely natural and excess uric acid is supposed to be expelled out of the body through urine. When too much is produced, or the body doesn’t filter it properly, the uric acid begins to build up in the bloodstream. Eventually, it starts to settle, often in joints (and especially the one found at the base of the toe), and crystallize. These uric crystals have sharp points and can cause the pain commonly associated with this condition.

It is important to know that not all foods lead to the same quantity of uric acid production. With this in mind, you should strive to eat a diet centered on whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, low-fat diary, and limited amounts of lean meat. Drink plenty of water and avoid soda and alcoholic beverages (beer is especially bad for gout).

Understanding why gout happens is a good starting point, but even better is to come in and receive the care you need if you recognize this medical issue. We can prescribe medications to both treat acute attacks and prevent future ones from happening. Further, our professionals can help you create a plan to reduce the risk of developing this condition in the first place, or at least further managing an existing case. Call Southern Tier Podiatry at (607) 217-5668 or schedule an appointment online today and find out why our patients come from throughout Broome County (and beyond!) for effective treatment.

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