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Achilles Tendinitis Treatment

Have you ever heard of bubble soccer? It’s essentially the same game as regular soccer, but players wear giant plastic bubbles on the top half of their bodies. The “bubbles” are similar to inflatable sumo suits and part of the fun is running into each other while trying to put the soccer ball in the net!

This kind of physical activity will likely appeal to “weekend warriors,” but you need to be careful or you might be seeing us for Achilles tendinitis treatment because you overdid things.

Your initial treatment for Achilles tendinitis should come in the form of RICE – rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This is a common first aid practice that is beneficial for an array of injuries, including those that happen to the Achilles tendon. To do this therapy correctly, use the following guidelines:

Although RICE therapy is a great starting point, and might be sufficient for mild-to-moderate cases of Achilles tendinitis, a severe injury may require additional care. This can include medication to relieve inflammation and pain, orthotic devices to relieve strain on the tendon, and possibly even surgery to repair a torn tendon.

Physical therapy and exercises can be especially helpful for this injury. Exercises can strengthen and stretch the affected tendon, but also promote healing. “Eccentric” strengthening—a slow lowering of weight that has been raised—is particularly beneficial. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when treating Achilles tendinitis is that high-impact and intense physical activities need to be put on hold until the tendon has healed completely. Failure to do so could potentially lead to greater damage.

Whether you would like additional information or need to schedule an appointment for professional treatment, contact Southern Tier Podiatry and we can help. You can reach our foot doctors in the Greater Binghamton area by calling (607) 217-5668 or requesting your appointment online today.

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