Importance of Complete Ankle Sprain Recovery

There are many reasons to love living in the Southern Tier of NY, including the wide array of options we have when it comes to outdoor activities. For those of you who enjoy hiking or running but switched to indoor activities for the winter, you will surely be glad to get back to the short (but scenic) trails in Chenango Valley State Park. No matter where in Broome County you decide to venture, we want you to stay safe and avoid injuries like sprained ankles.

Ankle sprains are so commonplace that they might not seem like a big deal, but the fact is that returning to activity before complete ankle sprain recovery can potentially lead to increased and/or more severe issues in the future.

We can certainly provide the treatment you need for ankle instability, but hope you are able to avoid the problem altogether. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the importance of recovering completely before you resume physical activities.

If you believe that you have a sprain, the first step is to use basic first aid. This means removing yourself from the physical activity that caused the injury and then following the RICE (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) protocol. Next, contact our office for a proper diagnosis. Ankle fractures and sprains have similar symptoms and you will want to know which injury you have sustained.

Once we have determined it is a sprain, we will provide a treatment plan that is centered on rest and treating the symptoms (pain, inflammation). It is extremely important to follow our directions and not resume activity too soon.

Basically, your body needs time to heal itself properly, and failure to do so increases the risk of developing long-term ankle instability issues. If you are tempted to resume physical activity to soon, remind yourself that it can put you at risk for future ankle sprains and instability.

When you sustain any foot or ankle injury, even common ones like sprained ankles, come to Southern Tier Podiatry so we can provide the care you need. We will give you an expert diagnosis and then design treatment that is centered on addressing the current issue and preventing future ones. Call our Greater Binghamton office at (607) 217-5668 or schedule your appointment online today.

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