Foot or Ankle Pain Ruining Your Golf Swing?

As the temps start to rise, and the April showers bring May flowers…it also brings the green to the greens…and golf season arrives! As you dig out the golf bag and start to swing those clubs, don’t be handicapped by foot pain.

The barrier to a perfect golf swing could lie in your big toe, or your heel, or on the ball of your foot. These are the three areas of your feet most likely to cause pain that can ruin your golf swing.

Behind these pain-prone spots can lie stiff joints, stretched-out tissues and even nerve damage. But pain relief is possible and frequently does not require surgery.

The three most common painful foot conditions that can ruin your golf swing are heel pain, arthritis and pinched nerves.

Several other painful conditions can also cause instability during your swing. Some athletes and former athletes develop chronic ankle instability from previous ankle sprains that failed to heal properly. Motion-limiting arthritis and Achilles tendonitis can also affect your balance. Ill fitting golf shoes may cause corns and calluses that make standing uncomfortable.

For the majority of golfers and as well as for the non-golfing patient, simple treatments such as custom orthotic devices, stretching exercises, changes to your shoes, medications, braces or steroid injections and physical therapy as available. However, if these conservative measures fail to provide adequate relief, surgery may be required.

So for all you golfers out there….just remember that foot and ankle pain is not normal. With the treatment options available to your foot and ankle surgeon, a pain-free golf swing is clearly in view. When your feet aren’t in top condition, your golf swing won’t be either.

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