Foot and Ankle Fracture Recovery

Accidents happen. That is just one of the inherent truths about life. We can create plans and have the best of intentions, but things don’t always happen like we think they will. A prime example of this is when a patient sustains a foot or ankle fracture. There are many different ways for bones to break, but accidents surely top the list. When you suffer a broken foot or ankle bone, Southern Tier Podiatry is ready to help.

We will provide the treatment you need, but your body is going to do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to mending the broken tissue. Foot and ankle fracture recovery happens in the same process as do bones found elsewhere in the body. This process happens during the course of three overlapping stages:

  1. Inflammation – In the initial wave of recovery from a break, there will be ample bleeding in the area. The inflammation and clotting that then takes place creates the initial structure and stability for new bone tissue.
  2. Bone Production – The clotted blood will eventually be replaced by cartilage and other fibrous tissue in this second stage. In time, soft calluses are replaced with bone tissue that is actually visible on x-rays.
  3. Bone Remodeling – The third and final phases will take several months as bone becomes dense and continues forming into its original shape. Blood flow in the area improves and weight-bearing will be resumed.

The exact amount of time it will take for a patient to recover from a foot or ankle fracture will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity and nature of the injury, the patient’s age and health, and how closely doctor instructions are heeded.

It is important to understand that broken bones need time to heal. This means that weight-bearing activities should be avoided until we give you the go-ahead to resume normal activities. Something else to keep in mind is that ankle fractures and sprains have similar symptoms, so even if you think your injury is “just” a sprain, be sure to come see us here at Southern Tier Podiatry for an official diagnosis.

Of course, we don’t just diagnose injuries here at our Broome County, NY podiatrist office – we also provide effective treatment plans! Contact us for more information by calling (607) 217-5668 or schedule an appointment online today to see us and receive the first-class care you deserve.

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