Common Foot Problems for Children

Children love the holiday season for a variety of reasons – time away from classes, being able to see Grandpa and Grandma, and, of course, presents. Some children begin making their gift “wish lists” well in advance of the winter months and have been hoping for toys based on the Star Wars or Hunger Games series. Something we can guarantee that no child in our Southern Tier community has put a wish list is a painful foot issue!

When issues do arise, we are ready to provide first-class treatment to address any of the common foot problems for children. As a parent, you may take comfort in knowing that many of these foot and ankle issues are treated successfully with the use of conservative methods. Surgical procedures are only used in rare cases, and after other options have been completely exhausted.

Common foot problems to watch for in children include:

Southern Tier Podiatry takes pride in being the first choice for child foot care by loving parents across the Greater Binghamton community. Our patients expect exceptional podiatric services for their children and we are happy to consistently exceed those expectations and help our young patients find the pain relief they need!

If your son or daughter is experiencing any of the common foot problems for children, contact our Vestal, NY podiatry office and schedule an appointment today. Give us a call at (607) 217-5668 or use our online form so we can provide effective treatment for your child.

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